On Fresh Starts

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Home, Life As I Know It, Media

Sometimes fresh starts don’t come from a real reset. Sometimes fresh starts don’t come from upheaval, and relocation. Sometimes fresh starts come from simple addition or subtraction, the arithmetic of daily life that equals our 24 hours. Sometimes all it takes is a modest, or even minor change, coupled with an attitude adjustment and the addition of some hard work on adjusting a perspective that  results in a completely fresh start. Amidst difficulties at my existing job, which have less to do with workload or stress than they do with finding out I’m a control freak with significantly thinner skin than I’d previously assured myself I’d had. Sometimes confidence comes in the back door and busies itself with something unseen and then suddenly everything your touching sees your hands propelled by more confidence.

And such is this.

A couple months ago, with my HUGE limited tax return money I bought several pieces of audio equipment. A mic, a spit filter, a mic stand, an Audio interface, and some new audio software. I used to work in the TV and Radio industries, and one of my long-lasting passions from it (aside from wishing I could get back into radio someday) was voiceover work in general. I loved doing voiceovers for things. Great pay, relatively easy work — it was great.

I decided I wanted to start to get back into it. So I bought equipment, chased down a couple leads of how to get started, and am so proud to announce that just after my third audition I was offered the opportunity to read Cuernavaca: A Novel, by Richard Perhacs. It’s the authors debut novel, and from what I’ve read so far it’s wonderful. I’m excited to read more, and know this will be a great project. You can find the soft copy on Amazon, here. Fun Fact: I’ve never even listened to a full audiobook before! I encourage you to link up with the project and stay close to my Social Networks to get updates on the project. Facebook, my inappropriate twitter, whatever you enjoy. I suggest connecting with me & project however you see fit, both the author and I look forward to your support!

While uploading some samples to my bio, I received another email offering me a project, with only the samples I’d literally JUST uploaded being heard. It’s a gay western, which isn’t nearly as laughable as it sounds. I read about half of it tonight and it’s most definitely a tender and loving story, devoid of all the pornographic raunch you might assume to be present. It’s not some base, stereotypical piece of gay fiction you might (unfortunately) assume. It’s a coming of age story, that delves into what it was like being gay in the early American West. It’s called The Filly I have to decide by tomorrow if it’s a project I’ll accept, and I think I will. Because getting two audiobooks to narrate in one day is a lot of work, sure, but it also goes a whole helluva long way towards helping me some fresh starts. Proving to myself that I can do new things, I can do other things, I can do more things. I’m so excited to get started!

Please feel free to stay up to date on how my new VO projects are going. I’d love for you to be able to hear them!


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