About The Author


I’m nearing thirty and slightly bitter about it. I’ve got opinions on way too many things, am fantastic at making excuses, and probably drink too much. I have a filter but often choose not to use it. I read as much as I can, I’m outdoorsy as much as I’m comfortable, and I drink beer whenever I’m able. I like to cook but I’m not terribly good at it. I’m fantastically liberal, and equally atheist. I’m educated. I swear, and use hyperbole to an extreme extent. I’m short. I have red hair. I make my own beer. I tend to think that when people disagree with me, it’s because they’re not as smart as me. It takes me a while, every time, to realize that this is most likely not the case — the thought simply doesn’t occur to me. I’m unfailingly honest, and get in trouble with it. I like to camp, hike, ride my bike, consummate my evenings with almost any form of whiskey, and ride raptors in my spare time.

These things, and more, color my writing.

  1. Abby Schmearer says:

    It’s about time the world suffered from your rants.

  2. Tobey Coffin says:

    Well well well, I’m sure that this will be interesting!

  3. Jessica says:


  4. The Old Luddite says:

    It’s amazing how much you and I have in common.Except for the red hair,of course.

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