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I own property in Maine. It’s a small acre. Well, I mean it’s just an acre. I suppose an acre can’t really be large or small — it’s just exactly what it is. An acre. Maybe it feels small because the house in which I grew up has long since burned or because the memories of my 18 years are fast-fading or because there are some really terrible memories there that I’ve compressed and compressed in the hopes that the reduction in the amount of waking consciousness (or even cold-packed storage) they take up will somehow correspondingly reduce their importance, and the amount of space they take up. But really, it’s an acre. It’s got a nice view. And a couple of trees. And under the front yard there are giant slabs of granite because there used to be a Cider Press there. I would like a cider press, don’t you think that would be neat? (more…)


Hi Internets. I haven’t seen you in a while. That’s actually a lie. I just haven’t written to you in a while. Okay that’s a lie too. I’ve written to you a lot on the Facebooks and the Twitterness, but I haven’t written in long-form in a space that only my family and best friends read because who cares to read about my boring life. I mean, hi! Thanks for reading! I’m blogging again! Boobs!


India is a male dominated culture. I knew that going in, but to actually experience it is another thing. I figured women were second class, men were valued more, and men were respected more. From what I’ve read and experienced that’s kind of true, but it’s not so overt as that — though it must be noted that where I’m spending my days is either at the hotel or at the office. The office is filled with smart, educated and progressive folks. The way I’m seeing male dominance expressed is so “subtle”, almost underhanded so that it feels unintentional. (more…)

I’m leaving for India a week from today. I’m equal parts excited and nervous, but overall I feel wholly unprepared. I’m trying to remain slightly aloof, as if somehow I can become the kind of guy who can handle any situation with the charm and aplomb of James Bond simply by pretending. But alas, I’m me.


I like to consider myself outdoorsy. Not the kind of guy who likes to spend every waking minute outside (I like my couch, I love video games, and I regularly crave food that requires a recipe longer than “just add water”) but I like to hike and bike and play in the park and camp and ski and whatnot. So I’m in the middle of working on some weight loss. (more…)

I picked up Let The Great World Spin in a Borders buying spree, after hearing about it on NPR. Written in 2009 by Irishman Colum McCann, the novel won the 2009 National Book Award for fiction. Review Spoiler Alert: I can’t figure out why. (more…)

Week 2 in Manila has come to a close. It’s about 4p Sunday afternoon here, and I’m taking a little time in between writing postcards to write up a recap-blog. There’s been some good and some bad, and mostly just a general exhaustion, and starting to get to a point where I’m eager to get back home to the familiar comforts. But I’ll break it down into a few different categories.


Work overall is going really quite well. (more…)

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One thing I’ve been looking forward to about traveling is trying local beer. I’ve had a few Asian beers before, most notably Tsing Tao. Something with a lion maybe… And I remember thinking before coming to the Philippines that I wanted to try local beer (if they had any) and I was sure it wasn’t going to be any good. In walked San Miguel…

A local PH brewery, it’s the largest in the Philippines, and apparently has a market share of almost 95%. One of the reasons I was excited to try it is because it’s not owned by one of the Big Brew Companies — no Miller Coors, no Inbev, no nothing — it’s all San Mig, which means they’ve got more license to make an actually decent beer, while still being a bit of a macro-brew.

Well, that ability shows in the taste. The San Mig light is probably one of the best light beers I’ve ever had, but the Pale Pilsen is a beer I’d love to take home. Keep in mind my perspective is slightly colored by the fact that there’s not much else as far as beer options go, and it’s the first beer I got that was actually COLD. It’s been unimaginably hard to get a cold beer here. It’s usually served cold, then reaches room temperature within 10 minutes or so.

The San Mig Pale that I ended up falling in a fleeting Filipino love with, pours a very light gold color, with a “lite” beer head, that’s got almost no lacing. And for a pale it’s got very little hop, and the malt isn’t terribly present either — but goddamn it’s a cold Filipino beer that doesn’t taste half bad. it’s definitely got more definition than the light beer, and some of the other varieties, with an actual discernible flavor — but it’s still a macro. But at least it’s not owned by Inbev and doesn’t taste like shite godammit!

San Mig Pale Pilsen, try some today 🙂


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It’s Saturday morning in Manila. I’ve been here a week at this point. One week ago my team and I were arriving about this time. So far it’s been a very weird experience. Very fun, very enjoyable, but there’s been a huge dichotomy of it all because of the work/play difference. (more…)