I generally love to cook. That is to say: I love to cook when it comes out well and I get to show it off and preferably share with friends and potentially strangers.

I live by myself so a lot of the time cooking just ends up being a race against expiration dates and vegetables that are more soft and more brown than I’d prefer. Read the rest of this entry »


On life without Facebook

Posted: January 16, 2012 in Life As I Know It

It was a decision I made somewhat irrationally though definitely impulsively. If I’m honest the decision was made in haste, and in a fit of some sort of modified “woe is me” depression. The kind of depression only privileged white guys can get, really. 2011 proved to be, in turns, the best and one of the worst years of my life.

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September 12

Posted: September 12, 2011 in Life As I Know It, Politics

I think for me, more than 9/11, September 12th is the day that hurts the most.

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No, really. I don’t mean that to be as punny as it is, but it’s true. Flying is a trip. I think anyone who has done any amount of flying has had their fair share of fairly odd experiences. From the passenger sitting next to you who won’t stop talking to you, to the guy somewhere up front that keeps farting, to the kids who parents can’t seem to control in any way whatsoever. Recently the Ladyfriend and I traveled to Maine for vacation, and with some near-cross-country flights from Denver to Portland, we certainly gave ourselves plenty of opportunities to see some weird stuff.

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I like to consider myself outdoorsy. Not the kind of guy who likes to spend every waking minute outside (I like my couch, I love video games, and I regularly crave food that requires a recipe longer than “just add water”) but I like to hike and bike and play in the park and camp and ski and whatnot. So I’m in the middle of working on some weight loss. Read the rest of this entry »

I picked up Let The Great World Spin in a Borders buying spree, after hearing about it on NPR. Written in 2009 by Irishman Colum McCann, the novel won the 2009 National Book Award for fiction. Review Spoiler Alert: I can’t figure out why. Read the rest of this entry »

When I found out I was going to the Philippines for work for a month (you know, when I went way back in May,) or was at least asked if I’d be interested, one of the things that truly excited me about the possibility was being able to experience and sample some cuisine local to my destination. Food carts, hole in the wall local restaurants, regional dishes of untold popularity whose deliciousness defied all possibility, simple local snacks, you get the idea. Unfortunately what I found was nothing like that at all. The best way I can describe the food in the Philippines is to compare it to an American sign that’s been mis-translated into Asian. Now, imagine that sign to be instead a recipe for food. Only it’s been slightly mistranslated so you know what it’s supposed to mean, but somehow all the proteins taste a little fishy. Read the rest of this entry »

My father and I have a pretty great relationship. And like many a father and son we enjoyed many of the stereotypical bonding experiences during my (and his, as a father) formative years. This is to say, we love sports. And we love sports together. A big part of who I am is being a sports fan, and more specifically being a Boston sports fan. I get a lot of that from my father, and a good portion of it from my mom too. Read the rest of this entry »

5 weeks is both a very long time, and a very short time. Of course it all depends on context, and perspective. I arrived back in Denver on Thursday night at around 9pm. I was fortunate that getting off the plane was quick, and my suitcase was very early out of the little baggage dumper belt thingy, so the Ladyfriend and I were able to exit quite quickly without too much time hanging around the airport. I’d done enough of that for one day.

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These people would be an HR nightmare.

I’ve mentioned before how the Filipinos (and of course this generalization comes from my limited contact with my training classes, people at the mall, and more people at the mall) are very friendly — well they’re also very affectionate towards one another. For instance: within the first couple days of classes, we figured that several of our students MUST be ‘an item’ because of the way they touched each other, talked with each other, would sit very closely and lean on one another, drape arms around one another, etc. Until we noticed that the guys did it too. And the girls would do it with each other. And a guy would lean his head on a girls shoulder…only to be doing it differently with another girl (or guy) 5 minutes later. Read the rest of this entry »