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5 weeks is both a very long time, and a very short time. Of course it all depends on context, and perspective. I arrived back in Denver on Thursday night at around 9pm. I was fortunate that getting off the plane was quick, and my suitcase was very early out of the little baggage dumper belt thingy, so the Ladyfriend and I were able to exit quite quickly without too much time hanging around the airport. I’d done enough of that for one day.



I hate to start off my first post with such a controversial subject, but I’m afraid I must.

I recently overheard a couple of people discussing the guns they keep in their homes; Beretta 9mm for both if I’m not mistaken. As I daydreamed about worthwhile things (that chick from the Geico Progressive commercials getting beheaded a mustache ride, if you were curious)  they shared with one another the places in their respective homes where the guns were kept, and their fears about “robbers.” (more…)