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Hi Internets. I haven’t seen you in a while. That’s actually a lie. I just haven’t written to you in a while. Okay that’s a lie too. I’ve written to you a lot on the Facebooks and the Twitterness, but I haven’t written in long-form in a space that only my family and best friends read because who cares to read about my boring life. I mean, hi! Thanks for reading! I’m blogging again! Boobs!



I’m not shy about trying new food, even if I’m not quite as brave as I like to think I am. When I traveled to the Philippines last year it was hard to find authentic Filipino dishes, but we found a few and I definitely tried most of them. I got more adventurous in Vietnam and tried a lot of Pho at restaurants and roadside stands, and other random food items at roadside stands and carts. Sometimes just a rice flour dumpling kind of deal, sometimes a former animal on a stick. So when I travel, I like to try the food. I knew going into this work trip to India that I wasn’t a big fan of Indian food. I’d had it a few times in Denver and it always seemed weirdly bland, and wholly undifferentiated from itself. Ordering lamb or chicken or beef with varying degrees of spice always yielded a plate that looked exactly like all the others. (more…)

In the fall of 2010 I volunteered at the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) that happens every fall here in Denver. If you’ve never been, and even marginally enjoy beer, then I cannot recommend the GABF enough. Even if you don’t really like beer it’s a good place to go and learn about the world’s 2nd most consumed beverage, and find some styles you might actually enjoy. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had someone tell me they don’t really like beer to then find out that they’ve really only ever tried macros or the macro-owned faux craft breweries. (more…)