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Recently a few coworkers and I took a 4 hour driving/walking tour of bits and pieces of Manila. We were able to see some very interesting sites, from the bustling financial hub of the country — Makati, to a stop along a bridge overlooking a nearly stagnant canal, where we were encouraged to take photos of just a tiny fragment of the city’s most destitute.



Week 2 in Manila has come to a close. It’s about 4p Sunday afternoon here, and I’m taking a little time in between writing postcards to write up a recap-blog. There’s been some good and some bad, and mostly just a general exhaustion, and starting to get to a point where I’m eager to get back home to the familiar comforts. But I’ll break it down into a few different categories.


Work overall is going really quite well. (more…)

It’s Saturday morning in Manila. I’ve been here a week at this point. One week ago my team and I were arriving about this time. So far it’s been a very weird experience. Very fun, very enjoyable, but there’s been a huge dichotomy of it all because of the work/play difference. (more…)

Here we are. Manila, Philippines. Its 3:43pm Saturday April 30th in Manila, 3:43am Saturday April 30th on the East Coast of the US, and 1:43am in Denver – aka home. I’m exhausted. I’m 138.991% positive that if I moved 5 feet behind me and got on my bed, I’d be able to pass out and sleep without issue for the next 8-10 hours. Unfortunately that puts me wide awake around 2am local time…which wouldn’t do any good. So instead, here’s a lil blog action recapping the flight and the journey here. Fair warning, not a whole lot of pictures yet; sorry. Oh, and sorry in advance for the awful formatting around the pictures below. I can’t quite figure out how to make it work… In time!