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In America, and a few other countries ’round the globe, we drive on the right side of the road. It’s only natural, or something. We drive on the right, and the fastest lanes are left of that, towards the center of the roadway. This is pretty much a natural and easily understood fact of life for everyone in America, save for the many among us who lack the mental acuity to understand things like roundabouts and non 90 degree angle 4-way stops. (more…)


I’m leaving for India a week from today. I’m equal parts excited and nervous, but overall I feel wholly unprepared. I’m trying to remain slightly aloof, as if somehow I can become the kind of guy who can handle any situation with the charm and aplomb of James Bond simply by pretending. But alas, I’m me.


5 weeks is both a very long time, and a very short time. Of course it all depends on context, and perspective. I arrived back in Denver on Thursday night at around 9pm. I was fortunate that getting off the plane was quick, and my suitcase was very early out of the little baggage dumper belt thingy, so the Ladyfriend and I were able to exit quite quickly without too much time hanging around the airport. I’d done enough of that for one day.


Recently a few coworkers and I took a 4 hour driving/walking tour of bits and pieces of Manila. We were able to see some very interesting sites, from the bustling financial hub of the country — Makati, to a stop along a bridge overlooking a nearly stagnant canal, where we were encouraged to take photos of just a tiny fragment of the city’s most destitute.


Week 2 in Manila has come to a close. It’s about 4p Sunday afternoon here, and I’m taking a little time in between writing postcards to write up a recap-blog. There’s been some good and some bad, and mostly just a general exhaustion, and starting to get to a point where I’m eager to get back home to the familiar comforts. But I’ll break it down into a few different categories.


Work overall is going really quite well. (more…)

It’s Saturday morning in Manila. I’ve been here a week at this point. One week ago my team and I were arriving about this time. So far it’s been a very weird experience. Very fun, very enjoyable, but there’s been a huge dichotomy of it all because of the work/play difference. (more…)

Here we are. Manila, Philippines. Its 3:43pm Saturday April 30th in Manila, 3:43am Saturday April 30th on the East Coast of the US, and 1:43am in Denver – aka home. I’m exhausted. I’m 138.991% positive that if I moved 5 feet behind me and got on my bed, I’d be able to pass out and sleep without issue for the next 8-10 hours. Unfortunately that puts me wide awake around 2am local time…which wouldn’t do any good. So instead, here’s a lil blog action recapping the flight and the journey here. Fair warning, not a whole lot of pictures yet; sorry. Oh, and sorry in advance for the awful formatting around the pictures below. I can’t quite figure out how to make it work… In time!


A: No I fucking wont.

A2: Just because the biggest city in the Philippines is called Manila, doesn’t mean it has anything to do with whatever your feeble mind can connect it to. Mmmkay? So stop asking, asshat. ***Note: People keep asking me that question. (more…)